Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rush Hour Radio

On my drive to work and back I have about half an hour when I don't really want to sit in silence.The CD changer in my car is located under the back seat (handy) Remember when CD changers were the height of cutting edge technology? So thats out, of course. All my CDs are so scratched they refuse to play anymore anyway. So, I have a choice of:

Radio 1 - too shouty. They say things like "Get in" and "Sick" I'm too old for all that

Classic FM - too classical

Radio 4 - bit soap-boxy and highbrow when I'm trying to power up or power down

Heart FM - I'll tell you what, in theory Heart is ok, but here's the thing. On the day Whitney Houston died, I honestly didn't realise she had died because the Heart FM playlist sounded EXACTLY THE SAME as usual! I went off it a bit after that. Surely there must be more songs available?

Local Radio - The commercials make me want to insert skewers into my ears

Finally......Radio 2 - I feel, and it may just be me, that Radio 2 doesn't really know what it wants to be these days. One minute I have Chris Evans being jolly and amusing, with a half-decent playlist, then suddenly I have someone ramming religion down my throat at 8.30 am. Stop it. I don't like it.

I quite like pop master, because Im really good at it and I can tell my children are impressed by my vast knowledge or music from "olden days" I kid you not! But Im not normally in the car at that time of day.

On the way home, I get Simon Mayo. Why oh why on the drive home between 5 and 5.30 did someone think it would be a good idea to choose the worlds Most Boring Subject (changes daily, but common denominator - always boring) and get someone who is an expert on said boring subject to come on air and bore us all on our way home? Annoys me every day! I can't even recall any examples of the subjects to illustrate my point, because - you guessed it - too boring! (there may have been someone who was an expert on traction engines once)
Please cease and desist - I've been at work all day, I've got school run, homework, supper and laundry to look forward to - I want jokes and tunes please!

My parents were devout listeners of Radio 2 - Terry Wogan, Diddy David Hamilton and Sunday lunchtimes with the Just A Minute crew. No wonder I'm disturbed. Now it seems to try and skip backwards and forwards between generations that are redefining themselves all the time.

For about 2 and a  half minutes - my frown turns upside down - Jack FM chimes in! Love Jack FM -  It seems to be that where the coverage between Oxford, Bristol and Swindon converges, I get a tiny little venn diagram's worth of window to listen to a Station that appears to have asked listeners in my "age bracket" - I'm resolutely still 35-45 - what they'd like to hear.

Please Jack FM - keep going, you can do it - just a little more and I'll be able to switch on all the way to work and back!

What do you listen to?

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