Friday, 2 November 2012

Outdoors with the Kids

Outdoors with the Kids this Autumn!

Because we are lucky enough to live in the glorious Cotswolds, we always have a great choice of places to visit. In fact we live on the edge of one of the FIVE VALLEYS so even drawing back the curtains in the morning is a joy.
Someone once told me raising boys is like raising puppies - sometimes you just have to take them out for a run around to burn off all that excess energy. Ive always remembered that and fortunately my boys are very sporty. Even so, on a wet afternoon, they would much rather be glued to the PSP, so there has to be an incentive to get outside.
We discovered Woodchester Country Park recently

They've introduced a woodland trail for children - complete with rope swings in the trees a zip wire and lots of tree stumps for jumping!
We couldnt belive we'd never been before, given its about 5 minutes from our house - tragic. The trees were starting to change colour and it really is the middle of nowhere, which means its very quiet. Next we will explore their lakes - there are 5 apparently.

Next, we want to rush to Westonbirt Arboretum -
while the leaves are changing colour and there are conkers!! My kids have out grown the conkers phase now - but I certainly havent. We used to go conkering every day after school when I was growing up and the thrill of finding a good one before anyone else was immense!
Im told that the Autumn colours will be extra-spectacular this Autumn due to the very wet summer - so they'd better be good!

Our good friend Kirk has the most brilliant Online store for all things outdoors:
From full-on snow gear to camping equipment, he's definitely the man! Plus he is extremely knowledgeable and can dispense loads of advice if you need it!
There are some great things you can do with your Kids to get them outdoors - even when the weather doesn't look too promising!
The National Parks of the Uk are so beautiful - at any time of year - and one of the benefits of being a small island is that you are always within easy distance of one.

We'll be attempting to get out this weekend - sad to be inside today, the Autumn light looks lovely!
Enjoy the Cotswolds people x

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