Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My thoughts on "looking good"

If you've picked up a magazine - trashy or otherwise - or used Mr Internet at all over the last few days, you can't have failed to have been assaulted by the barrage of immaculate images of impossible women strutting their bird-like plumage down the catwalk!

Im talking, of course, about the Victoria's Secret Show.

I actually cant watch it - it feels like a smack round the face that, no matter how many times we read about photoshopped images and unattainable model looks, here are these fabulous myth-like creatures proving that, in the flesh, it is possible (unlikely but possible) to look  THAT good.

Ok, I know the lighting is world-class, they've all lived on green tea and cigarettes for, well, ever and are dipped in bronzer and then rolled in glitter for a week before hand, but still....come on!

If Im unfortunate enough to switch on while they are being interviewed, I am mesmerised like a chubby little rabbit, compelled to listen to the poor girls explaining, in their glamorous model voices, how much they have to work out, how much they eat (you dont look like that if you've ever even glanced at a burger!) and how worried they are about their wobbly thighs. Please. Give me strength.

Yet still Im drawn in, as I suppose we all are; when in the presence of outstanding beauty, whether its art, scenery or the human form, we are programmed to stand and stare in awe.

All of us, with very few exceptions Im sure, after the having of the babies, feel rather differently about our bodies than we did before. The pressures blah blah blah to look good, work out, eat well, dress stylishly, aspire to Victoria's Secret perfection....yes girls you can have it all!........well, you cant! Sorry to be blunt but normal mothers have to compromise because even basic levels of grooming cost a fortune to maintain.

Life is all about compromise, most especially when you have children, because, unless your means are unlimited, you will choose to give things to your children and go without yourself. Whether its new school uniform instead of a new highlights or drive the kids to sport rather than do yoga all afternoon! Its just what we do.

My friend Kate has got it right. She's a photographer - a really good one - and recently she has turned to a new kind of photography. Pictures to remind you that you are beautiful, without retouching, photoshopping or an entire team of makeup artists and hairdressers.


Im definitely going to do this, Kate's lovely and she know's exactly where Im coming from. All the reviews from her happy clients have convinced me.

 I remember the episode of Sex and the City (because Im old and I still love it) where Sam had her naked studio pictures taken so that she could "remind herself when she's 80 that she was a hot piece of ass once!"

And what's wrong with that?

Even Emily Carlisle at The Guardian is a believer!


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