Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Generation Gap

Seems to me my parents are laughing up their Marks and Spencer's sleeves a bit these days.

So far they have restricted their observations to fairly tame "now you know how we felt" but Im sure I saw them sniggering together, like it was a huge joke!

Thanks for the support Mum and Dad - raising a teenager isn't easy you know!

I have been told by my teenage son and his almost-teenage brother, over the last couple of weeks, what is and isn't acceptable for the parent of today to say out loud.

Clearly I asked their opinions too often as they were growing up!

So far the list of things that sound "gay" "wrong" or "not cool" includes:

not cool
get out
get in
whatever / whatevs
awesome.............oh come on kids, you have to give me "awesome"...........

the list is quite long and getting longer by the day - I think the objective is that eventually I will only be able to communicate by signing (which they will ignore, or have me institutionalised. I bet they do that anyway) I've been told to stop pretending I'm young and cool, because I'm not and its embarrassing. When I point out that I am in fact cool, because I've met the White Stripes, the eldest snorts in derision, as if I've name-dropped Val Doonican! The almost-teenager of course, doesn't know who the White Stripes are anyway.

So I keep sending them texts of the post you've no doubt seen on, about teenagers leaving home while they still know everything!

Only to be told that your mum sending that was "not cool" although it did raise a smile, which is like a beacon of light to me these days, so I felt it was worth the reprimand. Im going to buy it for them for Christmas!

So it seems I have a few years to wait before,  like my Mum and Dad, I can wryly smirk and resist saying "I told you so" (too easy) but my husband and I'll definitely be found crying with laughter at what the NEXT generation can come up with to torment their parents.

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