Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Stop Hijacking the Soundtrack of my Youth

Its the 80s goth/punk in me who refuses to grow up - but, dear marketers, stop hijacking my music!!

When I worked in advertising in the late nineties it was a pretty young profession (if you can call it a profession) I'm assuming not much has changed and super-trendy, high brow 20-somethings are still brainstorming around the boardroom table about what the "oldies" are spending their cash on.

No doubt it makes some kind of sense and I'm sure there must be "research" to prove that if you use nostalgic tunes from the carefree days of mispent youth, it will comfort the consumer into believing that this car/camera/bag or crisps is a good buy!

Well, stop it, I say. If I hear one more horrible version of a great song or hear a great song attributed to  a rubbish product, I will have a teenage hissy fit.

The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Blondie, we expressed ourelves through bands like these - they were subversive, angry and pre- auto tune, there were a few bum notes  To hear the Soundtrack of my Youth applied to homogenised, shiney, agency-slick ad campaigns (and you know who you are!!) makes me want to - shock - not buy it!

Stop killing the song, dude!

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