Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Woke up to a white valley this morning and my first thought was "Yeay, Henry can wear his super-cool bnwt Gant Winter coat!" Sad or what!

Needless to say Henry had other ideas, because it is apparently not cool to keep warm (Duh) and much better and more manly to freeze.

This is certainly not something I have taught him, so it is no doubt one of the valuable lessons he has learned in school. We compromised on a hat (Petit Bateau, striped beanie) which I watched him shove in his pocket before he slid out of the (very dirty) car and got mud up the back of his trousers! Boys, tuh!

Mentally sighed and added "clean car" to The List - which you could wallpaper my entire house with, its so long. This might also solve the "decorate house" sub section of The List. The List wakes me up at 3 am with new things to add to it.

Guilt and Anxiety are my default settings these days,  (a Mum-thingI insist!), so time to get all the Winter clobber sorted, so my kids dont freeze (and so Im not judged by other mothers/school teachers/neighbours/gap year students)

New challenge for today: find a coat a teenage boy will wear, that doesnt cost more than the downpayment on a car.

Happy Tuesday everyone.


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