Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As "that time  of year" approaches again do your kids turn into little mercenaries? Are they determined to cajole, manipulate and harrass you for whatever revolting, noisy "must-have" toy the manufacturers have pre ordered in greatest numbers from China?

 Or just mine then.....?

My boys have now out grown the "toy" phase, rendering Christmas morning rather less magical than it used to be. Now it is more turfing moany teenagers out of bed to unwrap, with their bleary teenage eyes, anything that has an "i" in front of it - and dont even bother offering anything else, a cheaper alternative simply will not do! Learn this...learn it now, it saves your pain, I promise.

They will grunt, give you a gangly awkward teenager-hug and mooch back upstairs with a family box of Maltesers, to compare with their friends, through the wonders of social media (!), whatever superior "i" items their friends have managed to procure from their infintiely richer and more stupid parents!

So whether you have given in to the tacky plastic talking neon alien that is flavour of the month or have gone for a traditional wooden dollshouse, or pirate ship - even if the little darlings woke you up at 2 am - enjoy them while they are tiny excitable balls of hysteria - while they still think everything you do is God-like! Its a cliche for sure, but it is over before you know it!

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