Friday, 2 November 2012

Mummy's Telling Lies??

Really?? We needed a survey to tell us this?!
I guess if a survey is what is needed to point out that it is so impossibly difficult to juggle kids, work, house, husband..... that "some" mothers tell lies to cover up their shortcomings!

Take this morning for example:

Things I "forgot" *

* forgot = was so dam tired and stressed out that it didn't get done - because if I don't do it no one else will!

1. Buy coffee
2. Buy Halloween costume for tonight's party (in my defence I didn't realise it was a Halloween party - it not being on Halloween, not to split hairs....)
3. Buy specific item for 'food bank' donation required by school
4. Take youngests school shirt from machine and put in dryer
5. Do recycling
6. Nag to write thank you note
7. Purchase much needed Wii game from eBay

Did I lie about doing any or all of the above? You bet I did!!

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