Saturday, 10 November 2012

Missing Matches! Guilty Again!

No, not that kind of matches - Im hoping that the boys are old enough now to have outgrown the pyromania................although............

Im talking about the sport's matches!

Both my boys are sporty - which is of course great. They are fit, active and, lucky me - Ive never really had to deal with the disappointment that little boys can feel from not making the team when they are 10 years old.

But tell me please, working mothers, how do you deal with the guilt of missing a match?
And miss some I surely must - especially now they are older and the matches get further and further away (100 mile round trip?? True, I promise you!)

One of the slight drawbacks of living in rural Gloucestershire, and to be fair, there arent many, is that you spend spend spend on - petrol! You have to drive miles. Every day. Take today, one is playing rugby in Oxford, the other is playing rugby in Wiltshire, yet I am here, at work, because I couldn't find any staff to cover the day at the shop.

When they are 30 and going to therapy to help them deal with the shortcomings of their childhoods, will they cite the number of matches mummy missed, when they scored a try or took a wicket, which made them feel unloved, unimportant or unacknowledged?? Even though I was there at all the Nativity plays, guitar recitals and sports days for 10 entire years and these children of mine really do fall into the bracket of "most priviledged children in the country"?

There is nothing better than watching the joy and pride of your child's face when they help their team to victory. The guilt of missing it - that is something I could live without.

PS Quick update - just got a text to say the 12 year olds team won - 7 trys. He'll be so happy!

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