Monday, 12 November 2012

Drama Drama

Up with the lark on Sunday morning? My only lie in?

Willingly I tell you, I dragged myself (and everyone else) out of bed to take my youngest darling to the Wotton Bassett Arts Festival. Which he had entered, without telling me.

He is - quite unpredictably - most smitten with acting. Which makes me deliriously happy, because of course, I am a complete drama queen and always have been.

Also, the boys are so competitive with each other, Im really encouraging of any activity that they can take part in independently, without the constant comparisons to each other (none of them flattering!)

Brilliant Festival - our first time, but we'll definitely be back!

He won - obviously, or I wouldnt be writing about it.

The look on his face, when they announced the winners, is a memory I will carry with me forever as one of "those moments" from his childhood.

What a little star - trophies and everything!

"Could we come back later that evening so that he could take part in the Highlights Concert?"

This was completely new information!

"Of course we could"

So back we went, in the dark. On a Sunday. My main concern being - we better be home in time for Homeland. Triple checked the Sky+ (because its a vindictive bastard)

I wonder if Johnny Depp's mother did all this to support her beloved offspring?

Bet the Oscars make it worthwhile!

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