Monday, 3 December 2012

Raising Boys

Hands up if the friends you have made via your kids/school have predominantly been parents of boys as well!

An extra shout out if you've ever gone through a phase of ONLY hanging out with friends who have boys! Because they "get it"

Have you ever been asked any or all of the following questions:

"What's wrong with him?"
"Is he going down with something?"
"Have you thought he might be autistic?"
"Doesn't seem to get tired does he?"
"Is he always like this?"

I've had them all and a few more besides! My boys seem pretty well adjusted these days, which I realise is asking for trouble, but I shall enjoy it while it lasts. But they were pretty full-on when they were smaller.  No, they weren't austistic, they didn't have ADHD, or react to certain foods, or have any kind of developmental issues - they are just boys!

Best advice I was given and I pass on now:

Read: Steve Biddulph Raising Boys

To reassure you  that you are a good mother, not mad and your son/s is normal!

Do: Trust your instincts
Don't: Listen to "constructive criticizers" (I made that word up!)

If in Doubt: Treat as Puppies - That means:

Take them out and exercise them until they are exhausted! Whatever the weather.
Give them boundaries to make them feel secure.
Unconditional love and cuddles - you will reap the reciprocal affection in spades!

Boys are awesome! Now I just wonder how much my future daughters-in-law will judge, criticize and moan about me!

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