Thursday, 20 December 2012

I Cant Tell You How Sick I Am of my #Festiveplaylist

This is my #FestivePlaylist.

I add to it each year and I play it in the shop from around the 10th December. Believe me when I tell you that by 12th December, I want to NEVER HEAR THESE SONGS AGAIN! By 24th December, Ive been carted away in a special T shirt that ties at the back for my own safety, muttering inanely something that sounds like the bastardized version of "Santa bring my Baby Back to Me" - complete with sneer.

So, if anyone is in the least bit interested, here it is:

1.Something Stupid - Robbie and Nicole - mainly because - WTF? Robbie WILLIAMS? and Nicole KIDMAN? Where did that come from. Truth to tell, they nailed it. But did they nail each other????

2. Santa Claus is coming to Town - Bruce Springsteen version (I love Bruce for his sheer determination in the face of the universally unspoken adversity ie he cant sing!)

3.Santa Baby - The Eartha Kitt version. I went to see her sing once with my GBF - she was sooo cool!

4. Snowflake Boogie - Jools (The God) Holland

5.Christmas Bop - T Rex

6.Mary's Boy Child - Boney M (Because Im that old, I remember them doing this to death on Top of the Pops)

7. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen - always must be sung in the car on the way to parents house in the style of Bill and Ted

8. I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - The Ronettes - because I HONESTLY thought Mommy was a proper adulteress until I was about 24.

9. Stop The Cavalry - Jonah Lewie - Used to love this song

10. Last Christmas - Wham - George, we love you George! How could she not love George! What a beatch! What? George is GAY? Noooooooooo (circa 1986)

That'll do for now folks..........get back to stuffingmince pies!

All available here, of course!

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