Monday, 10 December 2012

Henry's 12th Birthday - with James Campbell

Yes I know - 12 already! I can't stand how fast they are growing up, up and away!

This year, having spent close to £300 on a day paint balling for 10 kids, plus bistro lunch because it helpfully rained-out my July picnic plans, I jumped at the chance of a joint party.

My lovely, incredibly organised friend Lou did all the legwork so I can take no credit for the great gathering we enjoyed.

The whole year group was invited, which was so lovely, as I hate having to pick and choose friends and leave other friends out.

Siblings and parents came too and a sugar fix for the kids and white wine fix for the parents ensured maximum hilarity.

James is a comedian and story teller for all ages. He is a Dad himself and really engaged the kids - surely a daunting audience, with a low boredom threshold and a sugar rush!!

Such good "wholesome" fun, the children got very animated telling their own funny stories (only in Gloucestershire!) James somehow struck the balance of keeping them enthralled whilst challenging their imaginations and rendering them incoherent with giggles!

Thank you James, it was amazing!

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