Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow x Illness x work = Stressed out Mother Bear

So it's 6am on Wednesday morning, minus 3 outside and inside my son has a temperature of 39.6!
Bring him in to the in-call doctor they say. Sure I say.
"It's a virus!" says the on-call doctor, with his shirt buttoned up wrong and his eyes bleary from being woken up by this over- protective mother- bear!
"Antibiotics?" Queries Mother Bear
"No no, no not necessary! Just paracetamol and fluids. Er..... Ok

Scroll forwards 2 days and there's a foot of snow outside and still a temperature of 39.6 inside. Add a throat full of ulcers which make me wince when I shine a flashlight down the poor kids throat, they look so painful.
"Ah" says the doctor down the phone "that's an infection, he needs antibiotics"
This is fine, I strap on my walking boots and wrap up like, well, a bear and go out into the driving snow.

One hour and one prescription later I arrive home like an arctic explorer - well I think so anyway - and wonder/hope my son will one day remember things like this!!

Snow day of course for younger son, and I can't open the shop anyway so we enjoy tobogganing in the field opposite our house (lucky us!) Then a snowball fight, which he loved of course, so we had to have another...and another....
Then Monopoly for hours and hours and then more snowballs!!

Mummy Bear finds the snow exhausting!

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