Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Style Minis - Milo and Monty

Could they be any cuter - thank you Victoria for sending these fantastic pictures of Milo and Monty having fun on the beach!
Impressed you guys managed to find a gap in the rain to enjoy the beach.

The boys are modelling Darcy Brown's nautical striped jersey separates which have been a huge hit - smart and practical.
When it got chilly they popped on their Gant V neck classic pullovers - these are honestly the hardest wearing jumpers we have trialled.
Reasonably priced, especially for a quality designer brand - we have used the navy one as a school jumper for our son. He's a sporty teenager, who is hard on clothes and, honestly, his jumper still looks like new at the end of the school year!

Milo and Monty look gorgeous and so happy! See you soon x

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