Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Do we see Sunshine??

To celebrate a glimmer of Sunshine - HALF PRICE SALE

New website launches this week : www.sunshinechildren.co.uk

If your kids grow as fast as mine - the jeans I bought at Easter are already looking distinctly half mast! Stop Growing! - they are gonna need new stuff for the Summer holidays!

The thing Im finding out is that the best of the Summer collections will have sold out in the UK before it gets warm enough to wear them! Dont wait until July people as everything will be gone! Why we would think Summer dresses should be in the shops in February is beyond me!

Our British seasons seem to be more unpredictable than ever - Winter boots in May and who can remember flipflops last October? Im sure when I was a child we had Sun in the Summer and Snow in the Winter and that was it. No messing about.

Clearly I am recollecting bite sized snippets of childhood - the best bits - like the Summer of 1976! Im glad I remember it as it has become synomomous with a 70s childhood; we spent whole days just running round the garden with a hosepipe (banned of course!) and we couldnt go to sleep because it was still sunny outside at 9.30pm.

So come visit us for a whopping 50% off designer kids brands and get your Sunshine on!
Pictured: I Love Gorgeous Festival Dress - simply fabulous
Darcy Brown White tank Top, Navy Shorts, blue short sleeved shirt

New website launches this week

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